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2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
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[Review] The Sound of the Wind: The Life and Works of Uno Chiyo

The Sound of the Wind: Life and Works of Uno Chiyo - Rebecca L. Copeland

Giving this 3.5 stars.

I picked up this book because I recently read Chiyo Uno's book Confessions of Love. I really enjoyed that book and I became fascinated by Uno's life.

This particular book is set up in two parts. First is a biography of Chiyo Uno. She was an author with a really fascinating and turbulent life and I enjoyed reading the biography. It could've been written a bit better and I skipped some parts here and there, but I'm glad I know a little more about Uno now.

The second part of the book contains three stories by Chiyo Uno. I didn't care much about The Puppet Maker and skipped some paragraphs here and there. I loved the second story, The Sound of the Wind. The last story, This Powder Box, was a great read especially because I recently read Confessions of Love. Confessions of Love is based on Uno's relationship with Seiji Togo, and This Powder Box is an autobiographical piece about her life with Togo after the incident that Confessions of Love ends with.